Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hoopla! - A new beginning!

Hello and welcome to Hoopla!, the comic-book review blog that, much like Jean Grey, was thought dead for many years, only to rise again, Phoenix-like, and then die again, but then turned out to have a mysterious double who had, in the meantime, married her old boyfriend but it turns out that she was actually the Demon Queen (?) and anyway the Phoenix was actually just a space-alien energy thing and Jean Grey was actually living in a cocoon in the ocean but by the time that she was found, her old boyfriend was already married to the Demon Queen that had impersonated Jean Grey and I think they might have even had a kid, and then Jean Grey died again but the Phoenix energy thing was still alive and there were two mini-series about it, both written by Greg Pak, but the second one really isn't very good and...

You know what? This comic-book review blog really isn't anything at all like Jean Grey, now that I think about it. Anyway, it IS true that this blog existed many years ago and now I'm bringing it back.

Way back in the day, when comics were a quarter and being a Republican meant that you were in favor of small government and fiscal responsibility, Hoopla! was a weekly comic-book review column over at Comic Book Galaxy. I kept it going for a little over a year and really enjoyed doing the column, but then there was a sort of implosion at the Galaxy and I took it as a sign that Hoopla! had run its course.

Years passed.

Civilizations came and went.

My hair... began to fall out.

My god... I'm getting depressed...

Anyway, in the past few months, most of my favorite comic-book review columns have closed shop. The Fourth Rail, the Ninth Art, Two Guys Buying Comics... all gone. And so a vacuum has formed. A sucky, sucky vacuum... sucking me and my life back into the abyss that is... Hoopla!

Now, granted, there are some minor technical difficulties to work through, such as the fact that I now get my comics in the mail, once a month, and so all of my reviews are going to be hopelessly late. I'm thinking that I may get my comics sent twice a month, though, to help alleviate that problem.

Also, the sad truth is that I know almost nothing about blogging. In an ideal world, for example, I would now be able to provide links to some of my favorite still-existing comic-book review columns, such as The X-Axis and Comics Should Be Good and Savage Critic... but, alas, I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

Additionally, you can look forward to lots and lots of technical errors. I may, for example, attempt to post a link to some relevant site and, instead, may link to some future blog that hasn't even been written yet, which predicts your own death in five years and so then you have to figure out the mystery of your own future murder and prevent it from happening, all the while actually, inadvertently acting as Fate's agent and causing the death that you foresaw to occur. Who knows? This kind of stuff happens more often than you think...

Or you may try to send me an email to this site and, when you hit "send", you may receive a small electric shock and wake up to find yourself enlisted in the army. We just don't know, really, what's going to happen.

Anyway, enough with the introduction. Coming up next... an actual, real-life comic-book review!!! Which comic, you ask? Well, there's a clue to your left...

So, until next time, here's hoping that all your comic-book-y dreams come true!

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